Sr. Windows and Network Engineer

Company Name:
The Senior Windows & Network Engineer will be responsible for the maintenance, design, expansion, and efficient execution of the company's technical infrastructure. They will also be required to support the organizations users in their application of technology to solve business problems. The Senior Systems Engineer will also be responsible for advanced technical support of Windows and Linux server systems, virtualization technology, shared storage, email, and unified communications, backup/DR, etc.
o Provides strategic recommendations on resources required to maintain/expand or consolidate service levels on existing complex system environments based on business needs
o Provides skilled technical assistance in systems planning, engineering and architecture
o Develops technical standards, interface applications and provides resolutions for system problems
o Oversees implementation of midrange system security procedures
o Responsible for continued awareness of new technology and features being developed on the current installed midrange systems as well as other midrange platforms including hardware and software environments
o Responsible for system hardware and software upgrades ensuring system wide availability and capacity needs are met in a timely fashion
o Responsible for system configurations including physical, virtual and logical components
o Interfaces directly with vendors to identify and recommend hardware and software solutions for needed system expansion.
o Provides skilled technical support in liaison with vender technical personnel to installed products
o Additional responsibilities may be assigned, as required, by management.

Required Skills and Knowledge:
o Strong written and oral communication skills.
o Strong interpersonal skills
o Able to conduct research into networking issues and products as required.
o Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language
o Highly self-motivated and directed.
o Keen attention to detail.
o Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities.
o Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
Physical Requirements:
o Sit/stand/walk/8-10hr/day
o Lift/carry/push/pull under and over 10 lbs occasionally
o Keying frequency, handling, reaching, fine manipulation

Education and Experience:
o Microsoft, Redhat, and Netapp certifications are a plus.
o Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
o College diploma or university degree in the field of computer science, and/or 10 years equivalent work experience.

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