Flexo Production Manager

Company Name:
Job Title: Production Manager
Pre-requisite Skills: 4-year degree in a technical discipline
Printing, flexography experience preferred
Additional course work on problem-solving techniques (operations research,
statistical quality control/statistical process control)
Prior work experience in managing technical personnel
Strong oral and written communication skills
Ability to work irregular hours, when required
Ability to travel, if required
Ability to work well under low degree of supervision
On-call availability
Essential Functions Responsible for developing, documenting, implementing procedures used to
of the Job: assemble, process, test and/or manufacture companys products
Responsible for ensuring production, shipping, maintenance departments
compliance with company quality system in accordance with customer requirements
Responsible for establishing procedures for maintaining high standards of
manufacturing, product quality, reliability, safety
Determine productivity and quality needs based on state-of-the-art product development
Determine safety requirements in accordance with company needs and current regulations
Evaluate and develop improved techniques for manufacturing
Promote quality improvement efforts and timely, efficient manufacture of products
Increase production efficiency with decrease in costs and reject/rework rate
Train employees under your direct supervision
Responsibility for actions of employees under your direct supervision
Complete performance evaluations of employees under your supervision
Perform disciplinary action against employees under your supervision
Proactive communication to upper management regarding all of your job functions
Responsible for managing and maintaining all permits for facility
Other duties as required
Accountability: Reject/rework rate generated by production department
Ability to timely manufacture products throughout the plant
Increase of production, shipping, maintenance departments efficiency with
decreased costs, and documentation of same
Improvements in plant safety record
Compliance with ISO 9001 procedures
Authority: Decision-making authority throughout production, shipping, maintenance
departments, excluding major capital expenditures
Responsibility: Management responsibility over all manufacturing and maintenance employees and
Financial responsibility extends to purchasing authority throughout the
production, shipping, maintenance departments only
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